Can you wear glasses at a trampoline park
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The trampoline movement has recently been a very popular sport, but the ensuing problems have also arisen. Today's children have developed a lot of children wearing glasses because of their academic and habitual mistakes. Some adults wear contact lenses, beautiful eyes, etc. Is it appropriate to wear these in a trampoline park? Is there anything else that needs attention?


Parts of a trampoline park

Dimension of trampoline park

what can you wear when you are in a trampoline park

Parts of a trampoline park

In order to ensure the safety and hygiene of the guests, the parts of the trampoline park should be checked and replaced frequently. The following is an analysis of the specific parts of the trampoline park.

1. mattress

As time goes by, put the weight on your mattress and you will notice that it has less rebound. There is evidence that there are thin holes in the trampoline that indicate that the fibers of your mat have lost their battle. At this time, it is best to replace the worn mat. Before changing, please consider the shape and size of the mat.

2. Frame mat

The mattress is one of the most important parts of the trampoline park and needs to be replaced regularly. Over time, this material wears out and becomes less like a shock absorber. In this case, the mattress will not provide the best protection for the person who jumps on it. In order to get the right size for your trampoline during replacement, we recommend that you take measurements.

3. Trampoline spring

The trampoline spring is used to stretch to provide the required bounce tension. They are made of high quality wire. In the case of spring wear, the user will experience a lower bounce on the mattress. At the same time, the use of spring-wrapped trampolines also affects the mat. Be sure to check your springs monthly to make sure they look strong and won't rust. Damaged springs must be replaced periodically to avoid damaging the mat.

4. Trampoline safety net

The trampoline network is more like a security measure. This is because the net provides a barrier to prevent it from falling off the mat. Such a web is useful, especially for beginners. Dilapidated trampoline nets can become fragile, which can be a health hazard to trampoline users.

5. Trampoline frame

This is another very important part of the trampoline that should be replaced if it is worn. It is the outer part of the trampoline and the spring is then attached to the mat to make the trampoline. It is actually the heart of the trampoline because of its safety and performance. Therefore, it is best to replace the worn frame with a possible advanced galvanized frame.

6. Trampoline ladder

The trampoline ladder is also an accessory that needs to be checked regularly to prevent replacement. The trampoline ladder is an additional accessory to ensure safety while climbing up and down the trampoline. When the user climbs, the trampoline user may have a fracture or other injury.

7. Rod gasket

The last of the list of trampoline parts we need to replace is the foam pad. These pads are usually wrapped around the support bars on the trampoline to prevent them from accidentally hitting the mesh bars.

Dimension of trampoline park

For general indoor trampoline parks, the dimensions are as follows.

Shelf: 100*50MM, thickness 3MM;

Spring: galvanized steel wire, length 17CM

Sponge pad: EPE pearl cotton + PVC, width is generally 80/40CM, thickness is 7CM

PVC: 0.45 thick PVC

what can you wear when you are in a trampoline park

1. It is recommended to wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts to avoid scratching. At the same time, the clothes are guaranteed to be flexible enough for a lot of entertainment.

2. To enter the trampoline park, you need to wear a professional trampoline anti-skid socks that you can bring or buy at the trampoline park.

3. Do not carry fragile items, various containers, wooden sticks and similar items and valuables to avoid property damage and physical damage, and store them in lockers.

4. Remove the jewelry, necklaces, earrings, earrings and other foreign objects before entering the trampoline park. Long nails and glasses (frame glasses and contact lenses) are prohibited, and girls need to tie the hair with elastic bands (do not use hair clips) to prevent these objects from being injured during exercise. For yourself.

5.Food and water should not be brought into the trampoline park.

In accordance with the requirements of the trampoline park, not only to protect their own safety, but also to bring security to others. The trampoline park regularly replaces parts, so people who don't want to move and don't wear the costumes because of the gorgeous costumes, there may be some unexpected troubles.

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