Can kids go to trampoline park
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Trampoline exercise can increase height; can exercise children's limbs and increase muscle strength; can promote children's cardiopulmonary function; increase gastrointestinal motility, increase gastrointestinal digestion, increase appetite, complete nutrient absorption, and make children develop more; Promote the development of the nervous system; can improve children's attention to learning. So taking your child to the trampoline park is a good choice. Trampoline Park can design different functional areas according to different ages. Trampoline parks have many different areas, such as free bouncing, dodgeball, spider towers, professional trampolines, dunks, rock climbing, and ninja space.

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  Different projects in the trampoline park

  Weight capacity 

  Safety features of a trampoline

What are the projects in the trampoline park? 

Trampoline parks can be designed with different functional areas depending on their age:

Free trampoline area, slam dunk, dodgeball, bubble football area, flip zone, sponge pool area, fighting stick, climbing wall, spider tower, spider wall / sticky wall, parkour, professional trampoline area, ninja road, Russian turntable Projects, naughty castles, devil slides, EPP building blocks, quality development, inflatable bags, labyrinth trampolines, dry snow slides, zip line projects, lameness, volcanic rock climbing, marine ball pools, pats.

Weight capacity of a trampoline

When you jump into a trampoline in a trampoline park, the pressure on the trampoline is relatively large. Therefore, the carrying capacity of the trampoline in the trampoline park cannot be ignored. Some trampolines have a bearing capacity of only 80 kg and are more suitable for children. However, it is best to have a larger capacity for a trampoline because overweight children are not excluded. The weight of the trampoline is generally between 150kg and 200kg to ensure the normal use and safety of the trampoline.

Safety features of a trampoline

Trampoline park needs attention.

  Lightweight frame: When the jumper jumps or hits the net support bar, the light support frame of the traditional spring-loaded trampoline becomes soft, wrinkled and even collapsed.

  Rigid Guard Support Rod: A rigid metal rod that protects the hopper from hitting the metal rod even if it is wrapped with a protective pad.

  Spring: The spring will produce bumpy elasticity, which sometimes hurts the hopper even under the protection of the protective pad, causing concussion, fracture and other injuries after the fall.

  Insufficient protective pad: The protective pad will begin to wear, deform, tear, and severely lose its ability to absorb impact after being hit several times. In addition, the sea surface protection mat covering the surface of the spring can also cause safety misleading to the hopper.

  Bare trampoline frame: The hard metal frame is one of the biggest dangers for hoppers, causing severe fractures, scratches, and skull injuries.

  Please take off your shoes and enter the venue.

  Under 8 years old, you need to play with your parents.

  Please do not carry any sharp materials such as metal to enter the site to avoid stabbing yourself or others.

  Do not eat any food in the venue, so as not to bounce and cause accidents such as card throat, food into the nasal cavity.

  Play at the edge of the venue, do not jump outwards, so as not to jump out of the venue and accidents.

  Pay attention to site hygiene.

  Moderate heart disease, heart and brain disease patients play.

  Game entertainment, security is important.

  Please do not play in the facility.

Although everyone knows that it is dangerous to jump on a trampoline, the benefits of trampoline for children are still many. You can choose to go to a professional trampoline park. There are professionals to guide you and have professional maintenance measures. So if you want your child to have a good workout, go to the trampoline park.

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