Are mini trampolines bad for your knees?
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Everyone wants their family to be full of laughter and laughter, so that happiness has been lingering around the family. This is also the meaning of the harbor where happiness is a happy home. The family with children has more fun and makes the children enjoy more fun. This is also the expectation of parents. At this time, having a mini trampoline at home is a wonderful thing. Because the trampoline has a strong elasticity, we will inevitably suffer some damage during the play, and the most is the injury to the knee. So what is the damage to the knee joint caused by the mini trampoline, and what are there? We will briefly introduce it below. There is an idiom in China called "the right medicine", we have to take some measures to avoid the knee injury as much as possible. I hope that after reading this article, you can help you better understand the mini trampoline and make it more secure.


The main points are as follows:

✉ Possible Knee Injuries

✉ How to avoid knee injury

✉ Conclusion


Possible knee injury

When we play on a mini trampoline, the most likely injury is the knee joint. Below are several possible knee injuries.


(1) When you are on a mini trampoline with your partner, don't push each other. This can easily cause the knees on both sides to squat, and the friction will be severe, which can easily cause knee injury.


(2) When doing trampoline exercise on a mini trampoline, be sure to take the correct approach. Although the trampoline is a exercise that can exercise the whole body, it is more beneficial to health only if the method is correct. Before playing, you must warm up first, do not do the actions that hurt your knees and other parts of your body. Be sure to take a bouncing exercise under the guidance of a professional instructor, and do not make false jumps and difficult movements.


(3) There are many people who will sit down and rest immediately after the trampoline is over. This method is wrong. Because the body's blood circulation speed will increase after the mini trampoline exercise, the heart will accelerate and the whole body muscles will be moved. But at this time, stop exercising immediately, and it is easy to stand up and kneel to the ground, causing damage to the body.


How to avoid knee injury

As a parent, we hope that the child will suffer less damage. So how do we avoid knee injuries?


(1) Please jump your feet on the bed;


(2) Do not jump on the mini trampoline at the same time, because the frequency and amplitude of the jump between the two people may be different, which may easily cause injury to one side;


(3) Do not jump the two beds continuously, which may cause the knees to land;


(4) When playing, be careful not to collide with the small partner next to you, because others may still be in the air, at this time the collision is likely to cause injury to other links such as the knee;


(5) Do not exercise too much. Because everyone's body has physical limits, the transitional movement will only be self-work, plus our legs are the most tired when we exercise on a mini trampoline. Excessive consumption of physical energy will only make you last unable to support, and it is easy to hurt your knees. .


When playing, parents must not forget safety first.



As parents, we definitely want our children to have fun. Then the safety issue is the primary problem. How to prevent the child from being harmed when doing trampoline exercise on the mini trampoline, the protective measures must be in place. Of course, it is necessary to popularize the knowledge of the child. Ok, after reading this article, do you have a general understanding of the potential dangers of the mini trampoline? If you have any questions about the mini trampoline, please feel free to contact us.

Title:Are mini trampolines bad for your knees?
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