Analysis on the Market Operation of Trampoline Park
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With the opening of the amusement market and the second-child policy in recent years, more and more people have begun to like trampoline sports, 

which can relax the body and mind and strengthen the body, and it can also promote the development of bones for the teenagers.

Therefore, trampoline parks are gradually becoming a mainstream sports and entertainment project. What is the market situation of trampoline parks?


Trampoline theme parks have grown at a rate of more than 200 per year since 2015,

 and our concept for trampoline theme parks is to call them theme parks with a square of at least 1,000 square meters. 

In addition, there are many trampoline halls that have not been counted, and Beijing In first-tier cities such as Shanghai, the square footage is as high as 8,000 to 10,000 square meters. 

We can imagine how popular trampoline parks are now.


The reason why trampoline theme parks are so popular is that trampolines play a beneficial role in children’s health, 

It's a very healthy and exercise environment for children below junior high school, and trampolines are not as single as badminton, basketball, football and other sports.

 A place to exert strength, the trampoline is very balanced. There are many items in it, which can promote every part of the child's body to exercise and play.


Investing in trampoline theme parks is now a profitable project.

 Based on the stimulation of market demand, it can be used for entertainment and fitness.

 Therefore, many trampoline theme parks are full on weekends. So investing in trampoline theme parks is really very good.

 For a good project, if you don’t hurry up and wait for the market to wait and see, it may be a few years later that others will have enough to eat and make money, and then it will be too late to invest again.

Title:Analysis on the Market Operation of Trampoline Park
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