3 Mistakes in Children Indoor Playground That Make You Look Stupid
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Children's indoor playground is aimed at children. Indoor playground safety and environmental protection must be considered.


Next 3 mistakes in children indoor playground that will make you look dump. 

First, disobey order and make a mess! 

Children's indoor playground provides children with safe and secure environment, enriches children's childhood, strengthens children's quality education, trains children's hands-on ability, at the same time, trains children's communication ability. When children play and play in indoor playgrounds, they should observe order and live in harmony with others. Undermining the basic requirements of indoor playground regulations and infringing on the interests of other children can make people look dump.


Second, do not respect other children and undermine the results of other children's games. 

Indoor playgrounds provide an environment for children to play, exercise their hands-on and independence skills, and most importantly, the indoor playgrounds bring together a large number of children, and children play in indoor playgrounds.

Slowly learn to get along with others, learn to help and help others. When children play in indoor playgrounds, their parents should cultivate their children's ability to get along in harmony with other children, so that their children can understand the importance of the spirit of cooperation. They should not undermine the results of other people's games, do not interfere with others, and learn to respect each other. Otherwise, it would be very uncultivated.


Thirdly, the amusement facilities of the indoor amusement park should not be damaged. 

When parents take their children to play in indoor playgrounds, set a good example for their children not to tamper with the entertainment equipment in the indoor playground because it is dangerous and to the detriment of others. Nowadays, many indoor entertainment facilities are electrified. Therefore, when parents take their children to play in indoor playgrounds, they should pay more attention to this aspect of safety. Parents should teach their children not to tamper with things, to observe order, and not to disturb others. At the same time, you have to learn to protect yourself.

Last but not least, in Children's indoor playground when many people play and crowd together, we should help children prevent from being squeezed hurt and fall and collision. They shouldn’t play the video game for a long time and suffer the vision loss. When playing yacht and other water-related events, they should take care of falling into the water, lest cause drowning. For high speed events, they need to be aware of injuries caused by collisions or falls.

Respect others and learn to protect yourself by these rules of indoor playgrounds, because when you break the rules, you may risk your own life or even others' lives. In addition, we should not focus on ourselves and ignore other children, can not harm the interests of other children to meet their own interests, we should live in harmony with other people and behave ourselves.

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